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Outline of the financial terms of an Occupation Right Agreement

An Occupation Right Agreement has become the most popular means of acquiring an interest in a dwelling at a retirement village. An Occupation Right Agreement is not a registerable interest in land; it is a contractual arrangement only and gives a resident the right to occupy a dwelling at the Village for life, to use the community facilities within the Village and to receive, if necessary, and at your cost, a range of services.

When you move into the village you will pay an Entry Payment. You will get an amount equal to the Entry Payment back once you leave the village and your dwelling is re-licensed, less a Village Contribution, which is 30% of the Entry Payment.

The Village Contribution is an amount payable by you for the supply of accommodation and the use of the common facilities. The Village Contribution will be an amount equal to 7.5% per annum for 4 years of the Entry Payment that you made to a maximum of 30%.

By way of an example, if you move into a villa and your Entry Payment payment is $300,000 and you stay in the village for ten years, you will receive back $210,000. If on the other hand you were to leave after 24 months, you will to receive:

Entry Payment  $300,000
Less village contribution @ 7.5% for 2 yrs $45,000
Total refunded  $255,000

The village contribution for the Serviced Apartments varies from the above.  10% is payable on entry then 10$ payable each year to a maximum of 30%.

The 30% village contribution covers the cost of providing the infrastructure and facilities, administration, legal and marketing costs for ongoing village marketing and the relicensing of the dwelling. Damage over and above normal wear and tear may attract an added cost.

In addition you will pay a weekly fee (debited monthly) to cover the village outgoings (such as rates, insurance, rubbish removal, gardening, lawn mowing, repairs and maintenance to the outside of the house, repairs and maintenance of the facilities, 24 hour emergency call, security etc.) This amount is set for cost recovery only, and is reviewed each year to take into account changes in costs. You will also have to pay for any additional care services that you require. Serviced Apartments have an additional weekly cost for their service package.

You will receive back an amount equal to your Entry Payment (less the Village contribution, and if necessary the cost of repairing excessive damage once the dwelling is re-licensed to a new resident.

Full details concerning the Occupation Right Agreement are set out in a Disclosure Statement for the village. Also available on request is the Code of Residents Rights and the Deed of Supervision between Althorp Village and the Statutory Supervisor, Covenant Trustee Services Ltd.


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